A Story that can Bring You Closer to Your Goals in Life

Many people these days don’t know what they are going to achieve in life. A lot of distraction in life from social media and internet make them losing interest and motivation to be successful in life. Not necessarily if you know this simple yet very inspiring story that actually can change your perspective in life. A story that can bring you closer achieving your goals in life. Here is the story.

Mahabharata is an epic with lots of lessons in itself.

Once Dronacharya was teaching archery to his students Kauravas and Pandavs.

He tied a fish to the branch of a tree and told the students to hit the eye of the fish.

He started calling his students one by one.

First he called Bheem.

Dronacharya: What do you see on that tree?

Bheem: I see trees, branches, fruits, and fish.

Bheem was asked to stand aside.

Then it was some other students turn. When asked what do they see on the tree? Everyone had the same reply…. They all told what all they could see on the tree. And everyone was asked to stand aside.

Then came Arjun’s turn.

Dronacharya: Arjun, what do you on the tree?

Arjun: I cannot neither see tree, branches, fruits nor the fish.. I can only see the eye of the fish which I am suppose to hit.

Dronacharya was impressed by the answer.

Coming back to the question, “ You can only succeed and achieve your goals only when you cannot see anything else other than the goal”. Just the way Arjun could not see anything else other than the fish’s eye.